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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mine Field

Equipment: blindfolds, variety of obstacles, boundaries

·      Put numerous obstacles on the ground in a path about 10-15 feet wide and 25 feet long. Natural obstacles are fine, but make sure it is safe.
·      Several people are blindfolded and expected to make it to the end of the dangerous minefield without touching any of the objects or “mines.”
·      Other people are appointed to lead them through safely with only verbal commands.
·      If the blindfolded participant touches a mine they must start over.

·      Appoint someone to give them false information or distractions.
·      If they step on a mine, have them switch with their partner.
·      Mine Field II: the first partner is blind, deaf, and mute. The second partner can see but is deaf, mute, and cannot use their legs. The partners must go together through the field (Partner one ends up carrying partner two. They will have to create a way to communicate with one another non-verbally).

·      Why was it difficult for the person to make it through the mine field?
·      What methods of communication did you use to help your partner?
·      How is the communication in this game like that in your family?
·      Why was it important to rely on your partner? How is this like life? 
·   How can the mines in this activity be like the boundaries in life?

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