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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Draw Your Own Island

Depending on your group size, you can have the students do this individually or split the students into groups. Give the student or group the butcher paper. Tell the students they are stuck on an island for one year (you can tell a story about how they are on a plane or boat that crashes and help will not be there for a year). They have a box in the middle of the island that they can pull anything out of that they want. They are to draw the outline of their island and what will be on it. Then give them the markers and tell them to start. This activity can last about 30 minutes. Throughout, stop them to process what they are drawing and why and process the entire task at the end.

·      At least one marker per participant
·      Butcher Paper (one for every five or six participants)

Life Lessons: 
This is a value clarification activity so talk with the participants about what they value and how their drawings did or did not represent their values, how they show what they value each day, etc.

Please Comment Below: How did this activity work with your clients? What other activities have you done for value clarification?

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