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Monday, May 12, 2014

Loose Caboose

Split the students into group of 3-4 people. Have two people that are not in a group. One person will be the loose caboose, and the other will be the chaser. The loose caboose is trying to hook onto a train. When this happens, they make a train noise signaling for the front person (engine) to break off and become the loose caboose. All the while, the chaser is trying to tag the loose caboose before he grabs onto a train. When the chaser tags the loose caboose, they switch roles. If they get out of control, re-group, and slow down.

Variation: Put all of the students in trains (groups of 3-4). Tell them the goal is to create the longest train, but when someone grabs onto your shoulders, you have to let go, becoming a new engine.
Lessons: boundaries, personal space 

Please Comment Below: How did this activity work for your group? Did you do it with a large or small group? What did you process?

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