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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Put participants in two equal teams. The teams sit on the floor in two lines facing each other. At the head of the lines, the "referee" sits with a coin. At the end of the lines, a small ball or other item sits on a chair. All the team members hold hands and close their eyes. The participants at the head of the line have their eyes open. The referee flips the coin (catch with hands or have it land on something soft so the players can't hear it landing). If it lands on tails, nothing happens. If it lands on heads, the participants at the head of the lines squeeze the next persons hand. When participants feel their hand squeezed, they squeeze the next persons hand until the last person's hand is squeezed. This person grabs the ball as fast as he/she can. The team that grabs the ball wins and rotates their players (the person at the back of the line goes to the front and everyone scoots down). The game is over when a team has rotated all of their players back to their spot in line.


Life Lessons

Sending false signals
How we communicate/send signals to one another

  • Coin
  • Towel (optional)
  • Something to grab
Please comment below on how you would use it with your population, thoughts on how it has worked for you, advice for others on how to implement it, what you would process and so on! We'd love to hear about it!

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