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Thursday, September 11, 2014

NCTRC Study Tips

The last post was about NCTRC Application Tips so I figured now would be a good time to share some study tips and resources.

  • Create a study group! 
  • Study a little each day
  • Most importantly, TAKE PRACTICE EXAMS! This is what will make you feel most prepared for the exam
    • Study the practice exams you took and look up any additional material that you have questions on
  • Answer the question based on which model they are asking about, not how you would respond

Here is what I used to prepare for the exam:
What study aids did you use? What tips can you share for those preparing for the exam?

If you are confused about the application process, click here for some tips. Good luck!


  1. I have a question my notes are basically the same as the Google Docs. Are these the exact notes you used or did you expand on them when you studied for the CTRS exam?

    1. I mostly studied the google docs and the study guide in the link above. I made sure to do all the practice questions I could get my hands on and reviewed the quizlet flashcards once or twice. Good luck on the exam!

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