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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

No-Outs Dodgeball

The rules are the same as dodgeball, but there are no outs!

  • 10-15 dodgeballs
  • 5-8 cones
Set Up: Split the court in half and spread the balls on the half-court line evenly. Use the cones to create a line on both halves of the playing field. When a player is hit, they have to stand behind the line of cones on their side of the court and cannot cross it. They can still throw balls to hit the other team to get them out. If a player who can still cross the cones catches a ball, a player who was stuck behind the cones can become unstuck. If any player (including those who are stuck behind the cones) catches a ball, the person who threw the ball is now stuck behind the cones. The team left with players able to cross the cones wins.

Here is a drawing of how the court looks when set-up:
The triangles represent the cones and the circles are the dodgeballs.

Lessons Learned
Communication - did those who could cross the line give balls to those who could not?
Keep trying - even if we get "hit with a dodgeball", we can still do our best and help others
Work with our limitations

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