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Thursday, September 4, 2014

NCTRC Application Tips

The application process to take the NCTRC exam can be confusing. So here are the steps to apply. Hopefully this helps answer any questions you have!

  1. Fill out the Application
    • Fill out by paper copy to fax, email, or mail in:
      • Mailing Address: 7 Elmwood Drive, New City, New York 10956
      • Email Address:
      •  Fax Number: (845) 639-1471
    • Fill out online (you will need to create an account): 
      • Create an account:
      • If you already have an account, sign-in:
    • *If you are still completing your internship, do NOT fill out page 3
  2. Pay to take the test: $400 if you've completed your degree, $425 if you are still completing your degree (completing your internship)
  3. Send in your transcript. You can do this through email or mail (typically email is cheaper so that is what I did)
    • *Do NOT send to yourself first and then to them. They will not accept it. It must go straight from the University to the NCTRC
      • The NCTRC contact information is under step one
    • *If you are still completing your internship, send in your current transcript, and later you will send in the one after your degree has been awarded
  4. Wait to get your acceptance letter to take the exam and study in the meantime!
  5. The letter will have two important parts:
    • "Degree:" It will either say "Awarded" or "Degree not awarded"
    • "Field Placement:" It will either say "Not yet verified" or "Verified"
    • *You can still sit for the exam either way, but you will not be officially certified until they have proof of your degree and your field placement has been verified
  6. Once your internship is complete, fill-out page three and send it in!
  7. If your degree had not been awarded, but you have now finished your degree: Request for your university to send your transcript to the NCTRC
    • *Check with your university to find out when the final grades and such will be updated on your transcript - for my university, our transcripts were ready one week after graduation
  8.  If your field placement has not been verified, you will need to send in these two forms:
    • *Fill out the portion labeled "Section to be Completed by Applicant" and send in to the NCTRC. They will forward them to your supervisors to fill out their section labeled "Section to be completed by Field Placement Supervisor." If you choose to fill it out and then have your supervisors fill it out without sending it to the NCTRC between, you will have to get it notarized.
      • The NCTRC contact information is under step one
    • Academic Field Placement Verification Form: 

    • Agency Field Placement Verification Form:

  9. 30 days before you will sit for the exam, a letter will come in the mail for you to set up your exam date, time, and place.
    • *If you have moved since filling out the application, simply call the NCTRC at (845) 639-1439 and tell them your new address.
  10.  Study, study, study! You're gonna do great!!!
If you have any tips you would like to pass on, please feel free to leave comments!

If you are looking for some study tips as well, click here, and good luck!

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