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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Recreation Song: Moose Hunt

Music can set such a great tone for any event that is going on! These two songs are termed as "Recreation Songs" because they have fun movements to go along with them! The movements are easy and repetitive so kids can catch on, and everyone can enjoy!

Here are two tips that are extremely important when singing songs:
1) Use repetition
2) Do not give hand-outs of the songs (eye contact is worth so much more!)

Here is a link to a few other tips on leading songs (scroll down a little and look for the title: 'Leading Songs').

Moose Hunt!
This is the moose hung song. It's a repeat after me. After each line, you pause for them to repeat it. The related actions are given in parentheses.
Jumba jumba! (two big stomps)
Ajikky jikky jumba! (palms out and shake),
A moose a mooose a moose a! (hands to top of head like antlers and wave)
Awaaay at the waaaay at the waaaaay at the waaay ah! (making sweeping motions with arms)
Repeat three times: once normal, once very quiet (to draw moose in), and once very loud!

Please Comment Below: What do you think of the motions? Did you do different motions? What did your participants think?
Here are a few links to ideas on how to lead activities better:


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