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Monday, April 21, 2014

Triangle Tag

To start, make groups of 4 (you can do a group of 5 if necessary). Have three of the people in the group hold hands in a triangle facing each other. The other member of the group is outside of the triangle. One person in the triangle is 'it,' and the person outside the triangle is trying to tag the person who is 'it.' The other two members of the triangle are trying to keep the 'it' person from being tagged. If the game is too hard for the chaser, you can have the people in the triangle put their hands on each others' shoulders rather than holding hands.

Life Lessons
Talk about support systems
Talk about the things that would bring us down such as habits, peers, etc.

Other Variations of Tag
Freeze Tag Toss 
Animal Tag 
Spot Tag   
Coping Skills Freeze Tag 

Please comment below on how you would use it with your population, thoughts on how it has worked for you, advice for others on how to implement it, what you would process and so on! We'd love to hear about it!

Here are a few links to ideas on how to lead activities better:

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